What is the best year for ADA?

Hello All… I’m holding ADA as my major investment. I’m thinking for investing it in the long run…
What do you guys think about the best year of Cardano (ADA) ? When will ADA be the market leader?
I’m curious about about the community opinion about ADA 5 years from now. :slight_smile:
Thank you… Wish you all the best…

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Gosh 5 crypto years is like 100 regular years. Charles says Cardano will be better than Eth and Bitcoin so I guess add the price of bitcoin to the price of Eth and that will be the price of Ada. :grin:


Oh wow I never thought about it. The comparison with regular years. Lol. but sound great.
So are you in the same page, like holding for 5 years ahead ?

Best time to buy ADA is now.


so true… and holding it forever probably good too…:grinning:

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Based on the time it takes to code new developments and test them.
If Charles is voted out in 2020 (which he may opt out of the vote anyway) than he or his successor will need time to institute certain direction based on the new technological landscape of 2020 -2021 and stake voting should be in place before Charles could Potentially leave the helm, so 5 years off from the most unbelievable year for Cardano.

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I’m HODL all the way.


I plan on holding until I can use it for movie tickets. Honestly, I’m not here as an investment. The real question is how much longer should you HODL your USD.


Voted out by who? Who will develop Cardano if IOHK is voted out?

Can @tom.kelly please war Haskell for repeted attacks on Cardano ecosystem? After he spreaded the fork idea here - now he talks about voting out IOHK.

Anyone who signs up for the contract. IOHK Contract goes to 2020. Then anyone can sign up for the job, and be voted for by the community. Charles might not be voted in, but of course he will if he signs up for it again, cant imagine someone better than him at this stage of the project.

Charles is not really the founder, even though he will now come to be the face for Cardano. He was contracted to do make it.

@jb455 I hope you understand that @anon20038177 is an toxic element that FUD’s this forum?

That’s what I don’t know about the technical behind… But yeah, Charles is still the best tho :smiley:

Regardless, we have to stick with the truth.

But yeah forking and getting rid of Charles is just stupidity… I mean if Charles leaves, I leave lol one of the main reasons I am in ADA is because of Charles.

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yeaa… people are just clueless to basic manipulation like Haskell does … did you see his other posts , where he advocates for forking cardano from genesis?

Yeah did have a laugh reading that.

Nope! Does he sound stupid to you - or toxic, with obvious malicious ideas in his head?

@jb455 @Adafans_io forking? what I know is cardano is design not to have hard-fork, is it right? So why would we worry about hard-forking? can you guys explain for this amateur. Thank you.

Cardano is open source - anyone* can “fork” it from the start (and redistribute the genesis block) GitHub - input-output-hk/cardano-sl: Cryptographic currency implementing Ouroboros PoS protocol
*if they have enough haskell skills

@Adafans_io oh now I got… that’s why you see @anon20038177 as a threat… but yeah… I thought cardano is design for soft-fork only, so consumers and businesses that using cardano doesn’t have to be worry for the hard fork…

Maybe you should research more on the “fork” topic. :wink: