ADA will be FIAT killer?

Hello my fellow Cardano brethren, I’ve been investing in BTC and ETH since listening to Andreas Antonopolous was prostheletizing on Rogan in 2014. At first I thought it was a great way to make money, but after diving into the Ethereum whitepapers, I realized that this was much more than just money in the bank. I ran into a massive roadblock in 2016/2017 well known as scalability issues… After this I thought that either these giant multi-national investment banks would have to own the majority of POW miners in order to make the TXN times less or power useage less (aka centalization) OR a new “mining” system would need to be developed in order to replace the inefficient POW system. After reading the Cardano white paper I realized that the POW hurdle had been jumped… so I’m “all-in” on Cardano. I believe it can replace fiat, IF it can offer routing numbers, account numbers, and debit cards, with transaction times that are equivalent or surpass Visa. This can be the first universal blockchain ledger.