iOS App Release

Hi everyone!

I’m proud to announce that I’ve released the iOS app for The app includes ALL the features found on our website version. Nothing is missing!

Unfortunately due to Googles review wait time, I have not been able to release the Android version yet. I’ll follow up once it’s released.

Thanks Cardano Community for being awesome! It’s because of you that I enjoy developing cool stuff like this!


Hey, thanks for building a great tool for IOS!

p.s. its generally works well, however, some small UI tunings with the header might be needed - its too large.

photo_2021-01-11 03.26.05


You’re welcome! I appreciate the feedback!

When you say the header is too large, can you please describe a bit further which section you’re referring to? I’ll be reducing the navbar size in the next update, but I don’t think that’s what you meant.

Unless it’s the background that’s under the system status bar? If that’s what you meant, then there is a bug where the status bar background is not transitioning when the iOS system changes from dark and light theme. :slight_smile:

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It’s exactly the navigation bar that is too big, plus a white ribbon appears on top in height of 20px, which happens when the side menu is visible and while the app is loading. On the image above there is yellow batter icon, top right corner.
I use dark theme on my phone, could be caused by it as you mentioned.