New dashboard has been released!

Hi everyone!

I would like to share with you a project that I’ve been working on for the last few weeks,

The aim is to bring as many Cardano “tools” into one place, to be as factual as possible, and to be completely unbiased.

Key features:

  1. 24 hour “small pool” promotion on the home page (chosen at random)

  2. News articles (will be adding more sources soon)

  3. Typical transaction and block lookup

  4. Pool data

  5. The pool table is display with pools in an unbiased, random order. This gives all pool operators a fair chance of being seen. It’s up to the end user to decide makes a good pool.

  6. Our popular Hologram tool:

I’ve got many new tools / features coming, but any feedback / features you would like added would be most welcome!


Nice :+1:
Really good looking site and functionality, i especially like the small pool feature, this will hopefully ensure we continue to broaden out the delegation.

Maybe add on your menu bar have a ‘Suggested Pools’ option as well as your ‘Pools’ option:- Improve Cardano link with the explanation underneath in smaller text ‘Help to create a stronger community, delegate to one of the following to promote further de-centralisation’
Keep up the good work caseygibson

Thank you :grinning:

Thanks for your feedback @MachTwo, I appreciate it! I’ll be adding some more features that will definitely help smaller pools. I’m looking into something similar to this but it won’t be controlled by code as I don’t want to have any “secret algorithms” or ranking systems. I’m trying to keep it as open and unbiased as possible.

Looks really good, set up nice especially for new users

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