on Testnet

Hey everyone,

I’ve just released the as a Cardano “testnet” version: It’s based on the production / mainnet so some functionality may not work (such as pool groups, you’ll need to go to the “All” tab to see pools on the testnet).

While it’s on 12 core (128GB RAM) computer, I can’t guaranteed it to be running 24/7 like the production version.

Please leave any feedback or any suggestions that you think could be improved on :slight_smile:



I will for sure check it out! And we appreciate it very much.


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so there have only been 318 txs and fee was 15 cents on average. Is this similar to how main net will be? are tx going to be expensive? and handle large volume? Maybe side question but i like the info on this anyway!

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The Mainet version has been running for a few months now:

The fee structure is dynamically controlled through hard forks based on different variables. The price of ADA is one of them, so high fees are preventable: Cardano Fee Structure — Cardano Documentation 1.0.0 documentation

@jordan24 its 318txs in the last 24 hours. Mainnet has ~32,000 transactions in the last 34 hours.