Cardano pools visualised as a hologram

For those that would like to see how decentralised the Cardano network currently is, I’ve created a hologram website of all the relay nodes.

I’ve extracted the IP addresses from the registered pools on the blockchain, geolocated and plotted them. If a pool has more than one relay node, then I’ve linked those together. This tool doesn’t illustrate literal connections of nodes, only the relays within a pool (since most operators would link them by design).

Soon I’ll be adding a “glow” for when a pool produces a block so you can see them as they happen around the world.

If anyone has any features they would like added then let me know!


Very nice. If so many nodes are unreachable, does that mean they are not configured properly to communicate with other relays, offline, or other relays are not adding these to their topologies?

Well done, really great work - shared it on Twitter :+1:

Thanks, I appreciate it!

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@JT_Cazorla I did a netcat on the reported IP address and port number when they registered their pool (it’s in the blockchain). The nodes could be offline, or they might be firewalled (misconfigured) to only connect to certain relays (which doesn’t make sense but is possible). It could also be that when they registered it was correct, but they’ve either changed the relays since then and not updated it on the blockchain.

The most likely being that they used a dns name instead of an IP address. I’m using Cardano’s GraphQL to do the queries, which doesn’t seem to work with DNS names yet. So I’ll be looking into fixing that for them if possible.

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Very cool, I posted to Twitter/Parler and FB

Really nice UI design…shows clearly we need more SPOs in Africa…