Adding A 2nd Relay But No Incoming Peers

Do I need to register the new relay by submitting a new pool.cert in order to get incomings connections?

This would make a lot of sense and it’s the only thing I haven’t tried so far…

Both the relays will be public if I do this, but at this point I really just want the 2nd relay up and running.

No, u will not need to register it, but u need to keep the port opened and also run the topology updater

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I’ve done both of these but still no incoming connections…perhaps I missed a step somewhere along the line. I’ll just wipe the drive and rebuild it from scratch at this point. I appreciate your help.

Just to clarify, if I run this relay from another IP I can use port 6000 for both relay node 1 & 2? And just direct topology via public IP?

Yes, u can use same port (6000) for both

Don’t u see the Producer as IN peer? Did u added the Relay inside the Producer topology? Also u will need to restart the Producer if u didn’t.
try from producer
telnet Relay_IP 6000 do u see connected?

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Yes it says it’s connected to the relay, that’s the weird part: my producer says it’s connected with the relay (2 in / 2 out), but the relay still says 0 in / 22 out

the relay is fully synced?

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Yes the relay is fully synced

Can u share the start script for relay?

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I will post it tomorrow as soon as I can. Thank you Alex :slightly_smiling_face:

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check here the IP + port

should be opened

Nope, not registering is the issue… How is on glive?
Also compare the config.json for relay1 and relay2…

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The GLiveView says that the port is 6000, although it should be 6007. Might that be an issue?

Also: The “process ID list syntax error” is still strange.

Skimming through gLiveView 1.22.4 error: process ID list syntax error?, maybe setting CNODE_PORT in the env file might help for both?

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We got it folks!! My problem was the CNode port which both Alex and Hepta suggested. I had tried these items before but i must have messed something else up along the way.

I now have 1 connection in (my BP)/ 23 out on the 2nd relay - which i assume is okay considering this relay is not registered and should not have other incoming connections?

BP shows 2 in/2 out, 1st relay still working as normal i just need to update the node now.

nope, u only need to run topology updater for IN peers… u should have logs for topology updater script… what is the last message received?

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oh crud you’re right. I skipped over the part in step 14 where you’re supposed to wait 4 hours before proceeding after creating the crontab. What would you suggest doing now?

waiting for other nodes to connect … it can take up to 24 hours

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ok ill hold tight for now and update this thread tomorrow morning. Hopefully should show more incoming peers at that point.

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i may have figured out my issue. in the env file I had left the “#” in front of CNODE port. If this is it I feel silly, but I believe the “#” in front prevented the script from updating to 6007 and kept reverting it to the default 6000; thereby preventing incoming connections.

I appreciate all the help with this…i will mark this as solved once I confirm. Thanks

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of course… .I told you many times… uncomment the line … if the # is added in front of the line… will be commented and will not take effect,

Glad u fixed


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Argh, I thought you had uncommented it, when you wrote:

Good when it’s working, now.

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