gLiveView 1.22.4 error: process ID list syntax error?

Is this what is suppose to look like for v 1.22.4? Its doing some constant flickering.
(was fine on version 1.21.1)


Hi there,

You are probably using a customized filename for your cardano-node binary.

If that’s the case, then try to add a variable CNODEBIN in the env file and put the path to your customized binary there.

for example: CNODEBIN="${CNODE_HOME}/path/to/custom-binary-node"

Then try running the gLiveView script again.

Credit goes to Priyank, for solving this issue.


I’m getting the same syntax error and flickering on an older computer after installing the 1.30.1 node update, plus all the Ubuntu OS updates.

Everything was running fine beforehand.

The updates worked fine on a VPS node and a slightly newer bare metal computer. All of which have exactly the same node folder structure built using coincashew.

Seems to me this issue could be a problem with Ubuntu update affecting older hardware. I have seen a similar problem with glitching text and numbers on older computers which disappeared after an Ubuntu update.

Nope, check the status of the node

sudo systemctl status cardano-node

$ sudo systemctl status cardano-node

● cardano-node.service - Cardano node service
     Loaded: loaded (/etc/systemd/system/cardano-node.service; enabled; vendor preset: enabled)
     Active: active (running) since Mon 2021-10-04 00:03:40 UTC; 5h 36min ago
   Main PID: 9676 (startRelayNode1)
      Tasks: 15 (limit: 13931)
     Memory: 5.3G
     CGroup: /system.slice/cardano-node.service
             ├─9676 /bin/bash /home/relay/cardano-my-node/
             └─9683 /usr/local/bin/cardano-node run --topology /home/relay/cardano-my-node/mainnet-topology.json --database-path /home/relay/card>

Oct 04 05:39:47 relay cardano-node[9683]: [relay:cardano.node.Mempool:Info:1727] [2021-10-04 05:39:47.92 UTC] fromList [("tx",Object (fromList [(>
Oct 04 05:39:48 relay cardano-node[9683]: [relay:cardano.node.Mempool:Info:1727] [2021-10-04 05:39:48.22 UTC] fromList [("tx",Object (fromList [(>
Oct 04 05:39:49 relay cardano-node[9683]: [relay:cardano.node.Mempool:Info:1727] [2021-10-04 05:39:49.07 UTC] fromList [("tx",Object (fromList [(>
Oct 04 05:39:49 relay cardano-node[9683]: [relay:cardano.node.Mempool:Info:1727] [2021-10-04 05:39:49.40 UTC] fromList [("tx",Object (fromList [(>
Oct 04 05:39:54 relay cardano-node[9683]: [relay:cardano.node.Mempool:Info:1727] [2021-10-04 05:39:54.38 UTC] fromList [("tx",Object (fromList [(>
Oct 04 05:39:54 relay cardano-node[9683]: [relay:cardano.node.Mempool:Info:1727] [2021-10-04 05:39:54.91 UTC] fromList [("tx",Object (fromList [(>
Oct 04 05:39:55 relay cardano-node[9683]: [relay:cardano.node.Mempool:Info:1727] [2021-10-04 05:39:55.50 UTC] fromList [("tx",Object (fromList [(>
Oct 04 05:39:58 relay cardano-node[9683]: [relay:cardano.node.Mempool:Info:1727] [2021-10-04 05:39:58.15 UTC] fromList [("tx",Object (fromList [(>
Oct 04 05:39:59 relay cardano-node[9683]: [relay:cardano.node.Mempool:Info:1727] [2021-10-04 05:39:59.49 UTC] fromList [("tx",Object (fromList [(>
Oct 04 05:39:59 relay cardano-node[9683]: [relay:cardano.node.Mempool:Info:1727] [2021-10-04 05:39:59.88 UTC] fromList [("tx",Object (fromList [(>
lines 1-20/20 (END)

My node is running on an old server (about 10 years old) but I updated my ubuntu server before upgrading to node 1.30.1

Aaa did u updated the ubuntu to a new version or just updated the packages?

I followed these instructions.

My current server:
$ lsb_release -a

No LSB modules are available.
Distributor ID:	Ubuntu
Description:	Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS
Release:	20.04
Codename:	focal

So I updated my server as well.

Oddly enough I also updated my server for my BP node and the 1.22.4 gLiveView is working just fine.

Then probably something was broken… try again the steps from guide (this time u already have the DB so should not take you so much time)

Likewise mine is about 10 years old running 20.04.3

I installed the usual suggested Ubuntu updates, then updated node to v1.30.1, then restarted PC.
Same process as my other nodes.
This older PC is the only one with issues.

Ok, I’ve fixed the problem. I must have been wrong about the Ubuntu updates.

The problem seems to be gliveview got scrambled somehow.

  1. I deleted all gliveview and env named files from cardano-my-node folder - there are several. I think when gliveview is updated it leaves behind these backup files.

  2. Reinstall gliveview following these instructions from coincashew Guide: How to build a Cardano Stake Pool - CoinCashew

Update the env file to your relevant port before starting gliveview.


This was happening for me and it turns out it was happening as a result of CNODE_PID not getting set correctly at this line in the “env” file

CNODE_PID=$(pgrep -fn “$(basename ${CNODEBIN}).*.–port ${CNODE_PORT}”)

And it was simply that my CNODEBIN and CNODE_PORT values were not correct. Judging by the backup env files that are saved on each update, the CNODEBIN variable doesn’t seem to have been there until the latest update, so it was not overridden as it needed to be for my setup.


Hey Guys

I encounter the same problem, the issue for me was, after update the gLiveView, not only the error message on the top, but I notice the Peer view only show outgoing, but zero incoming peer.

Then I realize the port number showing in gLiveView is not what I set to. My nodes use 3001, but gLiveView showing 6000.

Edit the “env” file, the CNODE_PORT back to what it suppose to be (for me) 3001, then the error message is gone, and peer outgoing is normal again.


Thanks guys! Setting the CNODE_PORT to my correct port 7003 fixed the issue! :bowing_man:


I’m having this issue as well. gLiveView showing wrong port, so I updated CNODE_PORT value in env file, but it’s not changing in gliveview after I stop and restart both the node and gliveview and still getting the error as well. For context I used coincashew guide as well.

Evening… Ok… This has me wanting to pull my hair out - same problem - maybe I can give some context to help troubleshoot further…

My 2 relays and 1 core - needed to upgrade them to 1.31.0 - no biggie, download, compile the binaries and replace -reboot server, all is great - no problems

Of course with the upgrade, decided it was time to upgrade the scripts for gLiveView - grabbed the new and ran to make sure everything was current, no issue

Grabbed the new env and - like everyone above, get a error: process ID list syntax error when executing. the env has CNODE_PORT CONFIG and SOCKET variables uncommented and set correctly

Ok - a little context - the script I am running that causes the error is v1.24.0
I still have version v1.22.9 available and it still rungs without issue (well, there is a brief unable to download update error, but bypasses that and the interface comes up without issue)

So v1.22.9 works fine - v1.24.0 has the error and distorted interface

Ubuntu 20.04.3 is the OS version, current on updates

Any thoughts on the why the 1.22.9 would work fine and not the 1.24.0?

Oh last thought - I compared the original 1.22.9 env with the 1.24.0 env and the only variable active in the original 1.22.9 env was the PORT