gLiveView issues where to report

When I started using gLiveView it worked great. Then when it started it said
"The static content from env does not match with guild-operators repository, do you want to download the updated file? (yes/no):
Clicking yes, causes the env file to become blank and then gLiveView cant connect to the block node. Restoring the env file fixed that issue, then it asked if I wanted to upgrade to version 1.24.0, now the output shows syntax errors in the block proagation section. Literally the words ‘syntax error’ are present in the output.

Which version node at you running? 1.30.1 or 1.31.0? I think they just updated gLiveView for 1.31.0, but if you’re still running a 1.30.1 node it isn’t compatible.

I am running 1.31.0.

ok, check if u have the old bin files inside
cd /usr/local/bin
ls -l

Same problem here. First we have “env” message with old and new version too.
If upgrade to 1.24.0 then you have “syntax error”.

-/usr/local/bin is empty.
-Node 1.31.0.
-gLiveView 1.24 upgraded from 1.22.4.

Ok, if u check with journalctl -e -f -u cnode do u see any errors?

Can u try with the old glive?
should be named gLiveView.sh_bkpxxxx

journalctl: only cnode configuration message from last reboot. Node is running and sync.

Using old glive: you can see “env” and “glive update” messages. If you answer “no” to both questions you can see glive 1.22.4 with no error.

Hmm, let me connect to check it… brb

I have no issues, also did u updated the env file?

Is this your relay?
Are u using cntools or coincashew guide?


Must update “env” to update gLiveView to 1.24.0.

Using cntools.
-Node 1.31.0.
-gLiveView 1.24 upgraded from 1.22.4.

I had not info about this update and I was working in caution way.

Thx Alex