After update to 1.32.1 gLview not show another relays

I made an update to 1.32.1 on BP and relays but the relays still not showing any other peers. Only the BP node. The same mainnet-topology.json is used from previous version (1.31.0) and was working. What is happenig?


Not showing any other peers to IN or OUT connections?
U are using coincashew guide or cntools?

Hi Alex,

Mine appears not to be showing the outgoing peers, using ARMada Operators Pi-Pool guide
I’m running Node 1.32.1, gLview version 1.25.0

On the Home Page it shows Incoming & Outgoing Peers, but when switching to Peers Analysis Page it only shows Incoming connections


Use the old glive script if u updated

Okay thanks, will the issue resolve itself once P2P is fully rolled out or is it a separate issue?

I think it will be fixed next script update

Yes, the outgoing are not showed from coincashew. I will try to use the old one. But it means that the node still working as expected?

I will keep you informed.

Yes, is working … u should have gLiveView.sh_bkpxxx file… try to run that script

./gLiveView.sh_bkpxxx and press N for updates

Yes, the backuped gLiveView is showing the external peers as usual.


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