gLiveView P2P disabled

Hi everyone, there was an update for the gLiveView env and I noticed that where it says CONNECTIONS, P2P says disabled. Before I could just check Peer Analysis and it showed Incoming and Outgoing connections, now I can only see Incoming connections. So I can no longer see Outgoing peers, which I checked regularly just to be sure everything is running smoothly. I already checked with

sudo netstat -plant

and my BP connection is fine too. Was it announced for gLiveView to not show Outgoing connections anymore? Is P2P → disabled just fine?

here is the img

I see IN and OUT peers in your image;
P2P is in testing phase and soln it will be deployed on mainnet

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Oh okay, didn’t know P2P was in testing phase. Still bummed that I can no longer see live outgoing connections though.

Thanks for the reply

what do u mean… U have IN(2) and OUT(14) peers on glive

I mean where I could see other relay’s addresses, geolocation, ping, etc.

Press P on glive and u should be able to see those infos
If not, replace the current glive with the old one gLiveView.sh_bkpxxx

For eg mv gLiveView.sh_bkpxxxx

start again glive and press N