AGIX/COTI compatibility with Deadalus/Yoroi

Howdy folks, been looking into projects and curious about a few of the earlier ones. I am interested in getting some COTI and AGIX tokens, but I’d prefer to store their keys on Deadalus or Yoroi - anyone know if they can? Maybe waiting in ERC-20 converter? I haven’t been able to find any other posts or documentation, but I can’t think I’m the only one that is curious about this. Want to get into the projects but hate the idea of holding on an exchange.
Thanks in advance, cheers!

Daedalus only supports Cardano tokens.

Yoroi does also support ERG-Wallets.

You can move your ERC20 tokens to Metamask (hardware wallet). But wait… The high ETH fees you probably won’t like… :wink:

I haven’t tried it yet but #COTI has ios/android Coti pay wallet. Make sure you look at the developers and how many downloads. Watch for scams.