Storing AGIX on Cardano Network (Non Custodial Wallet)


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I’m a long term ADA holder and currently Yoroi is my favourite wallet.

I decided to put order for AGIX on Kucoin however I have no idea where to save it.

The guides are suggesting e.g. how to add AGIX token on MetaMask however I don’t want to keep it on Ethereum network because of some concerns and also didn’t find any useful information on the net to figure out how to transfer AGIX to a non custodial / decentralised wallet in Cardano Blockchain.

It would be appreciated if you could kindly let me know the answer.

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you can convert your ADA to AGIX on cardano DEXs, for example minswap DEX, musliswap, etc…
check on kukoin if you can send to a cardano wallet (should have cardano network option when you will try to withdraw AGIX). Also first time try with a small amount for test


Thanks for your attention and quick reply.

However please kindly note that my question is not how to purchase AGIX through ADA or convert them to each other.

Let me say in another way: e.g. I purchased AGIX, I want to withdraw it from a CEX to a decentralised wallet through Cardano Network however don’t know any wallet supporting AGIX on Cardano network.

all cardano wallet should support AGIX, even yoroi… send a small amount and test

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Thanks for your reply.
Regarding my previous comment: sorry, I saw your preliminary response and I replied on it. Saw the edit later. Thank you so much for your kind descriptions.

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no need for sorry, its ok :beers:


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