Nami Wallet and Yoroi Wallet

Hi! I looking for some help. I have my Ada delegated through Yoroi Wallet. I am planing to open a Nami Wallet with the Yoroi seed phrase (for what I read this will be importing Yoroi to Nami if I understand correct). My question is: Will I need to undelegate my Ada before importing to Nami?
Thanks in advance

Nope, u will see in Nami same wallet from yoroi, with same delelgation


Yes, should work.

But Nami is built differently from Yoroi. They only use one address of your wallet, while Yoroi (and all the others) use a lot of addresses (new ones for every transaction output and they offer you new ones to give out also, but you can give out the same address multiple times).

So, Nami will probably see a zero balance on first opening (with an information besides it that the real balance is higher).

If you just want to use Nami from time to time (like I do), you can move all assets/tokens/NFTs that you want to see in Nami and the Ada that you want to use in Nami to that first address by a simple transaction from your wallet to your wallet. You see the one and only address Nami uses in its receive tab and send to that.

If you want to use Nami a lot or nearly exclusively, you should move everything to that first address, but it will be very uncomfortable to use Yoroi in between, because it will always move funds away from that one and only address, when it generates a transaction. has a mode to be compatible with Nami and use one address only.