Yoroi wallet supported tokens

Hi all!
I’m quite new to Cardano and it’s ecosystem. I’m interested in having a Yoroi wallet to store some ADAX and other tokens based on Cardano.

I just want to know if I send ADAX (not ADA) to Yoroi, will they show up or I will lose them?

Thanks to anyone helping

As I know yoroi doesn’t support ADAX yet

but the chain does as it is a native token?

Sorry, my bad … it seems should be supported on daedalus/yoroi

i would like just to try it out by sending adax to my shelley address, but minimum are 150 adax–too much risk. over 150 dollars.

so, i sent adax to a shelley address and eevenn my wallet may not support it, the tooken is on thhe ada chain?

thanks in advance

If for adax are requesting an address starting with addr1… then it’s safe