NAMI Wallet Connect to Ledger

Hello dear ADA fans,

I have a question?
I have connected the ADA in the YOROI wallet to the Ledger nano X. I am staking on the YOROI wallet. Now I have bought the MELD-coin and want to save and stake it through the NAMI wallet. But I also want to connect these to the Ledger nano X. Because the MELD is from Cardano, I wonder if I can connect these two to the Ledger?

You can connect your Ledger hardware wallet to multiple wallet applications and it will show always the same information.

Means if you send ADA from Yoroi and then you connect your Ledger to Nami, you will see the outgoing transaction also on Nami.

Thats because the applications always use the same key pairs which are stored on your Ledger device.

You can connect Nami to a Ledger.

But it will be the exact same wallet that you already have in Yoroi.

Wallet apps are just interfaces to the blockchain (with slightly different features). They can (more or less) all manage all of your wallets if you import them. A wallet is either protected by a seed phrase or by your Ledger (which in turn also has a seed phrase, but that seed phrase should never be given to a wallet app directly).

You are also not really staking on Yoroi. You just used Yoroi to tell the Cardano network that you want to stake. You could have used any other wallet app with exactly the same effect and you can use any wallet app to later change the delegation, withdraw rewards, … You are not bound to Yoroi, there.

Using Yoroi and Nami in parallel is a little problematic, though, because Nami only uses and sees the first address in your wallet. If you want to use Nami (for whatever reason), it would be better to use it in parallel with Eternl or Typhon and set them to single-address mode, which will make them play along with Nami.

Hi Hepta Sean,

Thanks for the quick answer. I tried and the connection is okay. You said; parallel using the Yoroi and the Nami connecting to the Ledger is problematic. I will fot now not using the Nami wallet. Is it probably possible to transfer the MELD coins to the Yoroi…or…:frowning: