Ledger and Nami problem

Hello, I had a problem connecting the ledger nano s plus with my nami wallet. First, I created the nami wallet and connected with the ledger, ok, i found my Ada in the nami inteface, but when I added more adas from Binance to the ledger live, I did not find those new credit in the Nami wallet. I tryed to send from the ledger live to the nami by a transaction, from my ledger to the nami adress, I can see the transaction on the Cardanoscan, but cant see in my nami wallet, sorry about the poor english, but somebody have any clue of what is happening? Thanks

Thats because Nami is using a single addresse unlike Ledger which uses multiple addresses.

You would have to merge all the utxo into one or use a litewallet like Typhon or Eternl which uses multiple addresses like Ledger Live.

Thank tou very much for the fast reply! But how can I access the adas that went to this different adress? I already recovery the nami wallet but couldnt find.

You can simply connect your Ledger via any litewallet that uses mulitple addresses (for example Typhon or Eternl).

Ok I will try, but I sent from the ledger to nami, so even connecting my ledger the funds will not be there. Or I am missing something?

Just to check it, I did a test, and I copied the nami address to send new coins from the ledger, but when I paste is a different adress? This is really strange

What do you mean? Can you post your receiving address from your nami wallet here?

This is the adress, right? (picture) When I copy and paste this adreess in the ledger live to send adas from the ledger account to the nami, ohter adress appear

Yeah thats the correct address. Can you copy and paste that address here please?


That screenshot looks suspicious to me.

Nami usually looks differently:

Where did you get that Nami extension?

Yeah thats actually true… The changing address and the suspicious look make me feel like this is a fake extension you installed.

WTF! In fact I copied this address from the minswap, with the wallet connected

What address did you copy from MinSwap?

I copied the address from my connected wallet in miniswap

I did a new test, and copied the address from the Nami wallet directly, but when I paste in ledger li e looks different too

Ah, okay, not from Nami itself, but from MinSwap. That looks similar for me.

But it’s still not okay that the address changes on copy and paste.

Something on your machine has to do that change. Malware?

As far as I can see, it not only changes when pasting to Ledger Live, but everywhere. When you pasted it here above, it was also changed.

True. Any suggestion, what I can do?