Nami hardware wallet ADA stuck

Hi guys

I have a nami hardware wallet with ledger nano. Every time I try to send money from it, it never leaves and just stays there. I do the signing on the ledger nano, but there’s no pending transaction and the ADA just continues to stay there. I check the address too and there’s no transaction history.

Does anyone have any idea?


if you have a ledger then try to connect it on and try from there to perform transactions… also there are another wallets available like yoroi, ccvault, etc


Hi i have the same problem. I have Nami wallet with ledger and one without. Both when sending do nothing. It is there already for oures. Is there a Nami telegram or discord?

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you can restore both wallets on

Here are the contact channels but be aware of scams (telegram) do not share the seed words with no one

Seems like might have been an issue they were testing. This commit from yesterday adds sending via blockfrost API back into Nami wallet if you want to update to the latest.

I had a Yoroi with a ledger nano. I created a new Nami wallet because it suggest that you don’t use a Yoroi and Nami on the same browser. I created a new ccvault Wallet and transferred the Ada there, it took 12 hrs and I never got a confirmation it just went through. One gentleman suggested create a ccvault wallet using your seed phrase from Nami or where ever your Ada is. Then stake from there.

It is incredibly frustrating and there is no clear instructions. Good luck.

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