Nami wallet transaction problem

I tried to send ada from my nami wallet to my yoroi wallet and it said that my transaction was processed, however, the balance in nami is unchanged and the funds have not landed in my yoroi wallet. Now if I try to initiate the transaction again, it says that the transaction has failed. It has been a few hours now and nothing has changed. I made sure the receiving address was correct. Any suggestions?

Just wait, perhaps there is a delay in transaction; just be patient

You can look up the transaction in the history, unfold the details and click on the transaction ID to view the transaction on Cardanoscan and see if it really went through.

If it went through according to Cardanoscan, the problem is Yoroi (resync, restore, reinstall). If it did not go through, the problem is Nami.

it is not in the history at all.


Same here,
i have the exact same problem, just passed 3hours and nothing.


Then, it will probably not arrive on its own, but have to be submitted again, later.

Since the network was/is pretty congested, it perhaps fails again and again for some time.

If at all possible, please be patient, try again from time to time, but don’t invest too much stress and time just now.

Does not seem to worthwhile just now to do detailed bug-fixing if it is just network being full.

Still having this problem. Anyone else, or know if Nami has any support functionality?

Has been happening for days. Nami says “transaction submitted” and then zero record of it in the history.

My funds have been frozen for days, I am guessing I am one of many.


you can import/restore (using the seed words) your NAMI wallet on yoroi,, (compatible with ss dex) and try from there


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I have same problem, trans confirm and already confirm spending password.
But trans not appear in trans history.

What should I do beside wait ?
Wait for how long ?
Any good web3 cardano wallet that we can use ?
Very sad that yoroi (official cardano wallet) not yet support web3,
anyone have information when yoroi will support web3 ?


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Same here too.

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Hello. I am having a similar problem with the Nami wallet. I successfully undelegated some ADA and I am trying to send it to another wallet. I can see the ADA in the Nami wallet, but when I try to send it there are no assets in the drop-down to choose from. And when I try to manually enter the ADA it gives an error message “Transaction not possible”. The address is good, but it seems like the wallet does not recognize that the ADA is there. I would appreciate any help!

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Hello anyone knows what happens when you transfer ada from nami wallet to a different coin?
I accidentally used the CRO adress instead of cardano

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All my assets have been removed from nami wallet. How can I get them back please help

I would have said that it is simply not possible:

But if you use an Ethereum address, Nami seems to send it to some Milkomeda thingy automatically now:
Milkomeda is documented here:

If that is what happened, maybe the Milkomeda support can help you:

It would be helpful for them to send a transaction ID or link to Cardanoscan. You can find it in Nami’s transaction history.

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I don’t understand your problem with so few details given.

In previous posts you said that your assets vanished on, not from Nami.

Can you explain in detail what happened?

use cardano network… if you want to move your ada to one of cardano wallets
it’s not clear for me what you want to do, from where to where do you want to transfer ada?

It already happened:

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That screenshot is from

Anyway, it is an Ethereum address and they probably control the keys for that address.

If you used that address in Nami, the ADA were sent to Milkomeda and are now probably available on their sidechain (which probably does not use, since they seem to use Cronos).

If at all, this situation can only be resolved by Milkomeda and/or (or whoever controls the keys for that address) together.

Write to their support. Have patience and luck!

Thank you bro