Anyone knows where my NFT went transfering from yoroi to Nami

I made a transfer from Yoroi of an NFT to a Nami wallet. It never showed up in Nami but disappeared from Yoroi.
Transaction ID is this 394fb801aba08d4b018d19c9dd394a3b55b6676982b2c508088c39fe94128c4c
Receiving wallet adress is addr1qyu9dwu4gg54cv9wnagsm5ydv2wjg88h85l4g6vy0v5uycdukfn90tlty4w3tjfzdsucfmy5la93nvk5ux6yaju6jmnse98vlw

There was an error message after transaction from Yoroi asking me if I wanted to proceed so probably my bad but still good to know where my little NFT fellow went :slight_smile:

you can always check the address on
is your missing NFT here?

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That transaction went through and their seem to be two NFTs at that address according to Cardanoscan:

If you don’t see them in Nami, double check if Nami is logged into the wallet with that address.

Yes it is missing on
I transferred three NFTs and only two came through. One is for sale right now so not showing and one left in wallet.

Checking the transaction ID on I can see that 2 NFTs were sent… to 2 different addresses… which one is missing?

Again, according to Cardanoscan, only two NFTs went into that transaction and only one, PBE3500S1, was transferred to the other (Nami) wallet, while the other one, PBE3973S1, went to another address of the sending (Yoroi) wallet, but the other one was later also transferred to Nami(?):

As far as I can see, it was then further transferred from the Nami wallet, yesterday:

It is PBE3500S1 that is missing.
I presume that the one for sale on Nami with a smart contract PaperBoxEra S1-3973 is transferred out of my wallet with this ID
so one is left in Nami PaperBoxEra S1-2520 with this ID bd1ddff147abde2b1860bf159c263e056bbd32ecbf2cf4cec5a866de504245323532305331

according to it was sent 3 days ago (01/09/2022 9:43:49 PM)

to this address: addr1w999n67e86jn6xal07pzxtrmqynspgx0fwmcmpua4wc6yzsxpljz3

this is it right? the asset

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Yes that is it :slight_smile: Good job.
So I have send it to a wrong address … it looks like the address belongs to one of the marketplaces since there is a lot of traffic.
Could it be

Perhaps it goes back from where u sent to yoroi?
Check that address on to check the nfts, then search the nft on

Perhaps if u contact them they will send it back to you

Thanks, I will give it a try. Great help!


You’re welcome, :beers:

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