Lost my NFTs transferring from Yoroi to Nami

I lost my assets. On the JPG store it shows that the owner is still my wallet Nami number but in my Nami wallet I can’t find my assets. Any way to get them back??

hmm, can u share an adress from NAMI wallet? Or can u check on cardanoscan.io or pool.pm?

or the transaction ID from yoroi

This is my Nami wallet addr1qywt2gx76wlarz0rzy2kjvhar3lzwadz8va8cljlktz2de99qshnn4ugxkf3p43fy43ju6v89xmtj4hmxnc4jceelr4qw0fztg

Seems like the wallet holder is

Hmmm did u tried to buy something or maybe when u sent in yoroi did u used the address from jpg.store? (Check on yoroi)

Because this address belong to them… if I am not wrong…