NFT on gone to wrong wallet

I put two NFTs up for sale on jpg store. Both got listed for sale. Roughly two days later one transaction failed and would not appear back in my wallet. 9 days and several messages later I’ve been told my NFT has gone to a different wallet address. Can anyone share some light on this? I’m baffled!!!

Hello @Stylesy

This is very little info to do any real analysis, but I can make a guess about what happened.

I’m going to assume you used Nami wallet (no info just guessing). Nami uses only 1 address to simplify using smart contracts. However, if contract you placed your NFT is canceled, then they may return NFT to your wallet, but on a different address.

I think you should check and enter your wallets address (best if you use staking address) and see if NFT is in your wallet.

If NFT is in your wallet (under a different address) you can restore your wallet with with another wallet (such as Yoroi, for example), then send all assets to Nami receive address. That should make everything visible again from Nami UI.

If this is not the case, maybe provide a bit more info. Which wallet do you use. Did you register multiple wallets on JPG store. Is listing still visible to you on the store, etc…


I think you’re right. So I put the address where my NFT is into

I can see the NFT but when I put my Nami address into

the CNFT is on this wallet

Do u remember if u have more wallets? Or perhaps the transaction pocessed even u had the error message and now the CNFT is on market place wallet?

Hey, No other wallets and can’t see it on the market place. Very odd because it got listed for sale, than I received a failed transaction and now it’s in a different wallet address??

Yes, but I saw 3 transactions made in the past for this wallet… that’s why I asked if u have more wallets

did u contacted the jpeg store team? Perhaps they have more infos about that wallet

I only have the one Nami wallet extension, jpg store just said I sent it to the wrong address?? I put two up around the same time, both got listed for sale. One is still up for sale but no idea how my other one ended up in another wallet address.

Hey Neo,

Firstly, thank you so much for taking the time out to reply to my issue. I’m so baffled to how my NFT ended up in a different nami wallet. I’ve only ever set up one nami wallet on chrome and to be honest I don’t even know anyone who is into crypto so I certainly didn’t just send it to someone else’s wallet. Last I seen it is when it was up for sale on jpg store and than a day or 2 later I got a failed transaction and it’s now in a different wallet??

I can see it on from this address addr1qxmpqwtxmhxmrzvv50aja2f0vruz3ym2u0pmrjq2xuaadxxnx02q4pptsh3yekvrrev33mlvwrseae5q6m5ekhgfhfhqcfs4qp

Excuse my ignorance, I’m new to crypto but do I have any options of maybe even finding out who owns the wallet it’s currently in? I asked @doctorcnft from jpg store to check out the address and in fairness he’s been very helpful to date but he’s yet to get back. His reaction was more or less eh you sent it to another wallet.

Any help on this would be amazing really don’t want to lose my first NFT :frowning:

That wallet certainly looks like it belongs to you.

14 days earlier, on 2022-01-22, it received a Pavia NFT from your address and sent it back half an hour later:

That’s all that happened on that address except receiving your missing NFT.

You definitely should check if it is just a subaccount (“+ New Account” in Nami’s menu).

Ohhh god!!! So went onto pavia and see below, same address showing my chilledkong.

To add a new wallet containing Pavia land parcels, please send 2 ADA to the following wallet address. You should receive a refund minus TX fees within 24 hours.
DO NOT SEND FROM AN EXCHANGE. Only send ADA from a supported wallet i.e. Daedalus, Yoroi, Nami, ccvault, gero or Adalite.


Shoot, then it is an address belonging to Pavia for verification purposes and you copied that one instead of your own by accident.

Perhaps, Pavia has some contact address that you can contact to resolve this?

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You’re so right!!! No idea how I done that :roll_eyes:

Have contacted pavia support so fingers and toes crossed.

Thank you so much for your time, very much appreciated.

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Hey Benjamin,

So Pavia just got back to me with the following response:

‘Once the minting process is complete, we will be sending everything back to the original wallet addresses. Fingers cross your “chilledkong” should be one of these’

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