I sent my Pavia token from my Yorio wallet to my Nami wallet, it showed up originally, but now it is completely gone

I am fairly new and would like guidance.

Sent from Yorio address: addr1q8dk3zqqsx9d6yh766ud7rmsf7ywcp9r9g47hnz5nhvymhu3uxlw0lz56rnk6h7h3gxz78wrt4rgjwwzwumyuxuvtsxswe35yz

Nami Receive address

Can’t see it on https://pool.pm/ ?

Thanks for your assistance.


I see then the NFT was sent to this address (after 1 hour)


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And that address is a contract. Did you put it up for sale on some swap/exchange?

Aah… Yes I put it up for sale on Cnft.
The transaction took so long…

Thank you. Makes sense now.


Did you use the “Smart Contract” option?

For their “classical” way of selling, the NFT should not leave your wallet, before it is bought.

But for the “smart contract” way, the NFT has to be given to the contract beforehand, because that is how smart contracts work: Both sides give their part of the deal in and the contract ensures that both sides get the agreed result out.

it’s fine, on cnft you will have a wallet assigned to your account and you will need to move the assets there before to put them on sale (but you have the control of the assets)… I used it few times

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Thank you guys for the prompt response.