Nami/Yoroi Wallet, Transactions & Addresses Question

I recently tried to make a purchase of CNFT on and upon purchase of the asset there was an option for purchase through Nami Wallet on the interface (although I think manual transfer through Yoroi was supported as well). For some reason the purchase was said to be successful yet the payment didn’t signify as complete before the time alloted. Out of frustration, I also tried doing it with my Yoroi manually almost at the same time. Thankfully, despite not receiving the asset after manually transferring, my deposit to the address was (automatically?) refunded with just a little less than the original deposit (possible fee reduction?)

I’m just curious…
My question is the address generated for the transaction specific and not just a general address like a digital bank QR code? A part of the smart contract programming?

Im just wondering the mechanics are for how it determines whether its just a charitable random deposit vs. a purchase for a specific asset.