Move assets from Yoroi to Nami wallet

Hello, community. Have anybody moved or used their Yoroi wallet to/in Nami wallet?. I only have 1.70 ada and 3 NFTs in my Yoroi wallet but I want to move that to my Nami wallet since it looks like its more convenient to use with cnft .io and the process of linking a wallet, since cnft .io requires me to send 2.2something ada during the linking process but linking nami was seamless (no need to send any ada) and now I have my cnft account linked to my nami account. How can I do this without incurring in too much txns fees?.

I must say that my Yoroi wallet is quite new and I’ve only done a couple transactions and apparently the 3NFTs and the 1.70 ada are all in the same address. I’ve read the Nami wallet FAQs about it and it’s still not that clear to me but they say something about how it basically can be a bit risky to do it since Yoroi uses multiple addresses and Nami only uses one?. I’m quite new to this so, sorry if this looks so basic to you.

Don’t really know why but we can make a test; send me your address and I’ll send 1 ADA to pay the fees.


EDIT: if everything is in the same add and nami supports cardano adds, that makes 1 transaction from add to add; to my knowledge theres no problem.

You mean the address from my Yoroi where the NFTs are? and to try and do a send from that address to my Nami wallet?. I’d greatly appreciate that but I still have a bit of doubt since someone else on another forum told me that I would need to input 1 ADA for every NFT but maybe he misunderstood me and thought every nft is in a different address.

The NFTs doesn’t worth much since is a newly minted project but I rather don’t lose any since they are my very first NFTs :slight_smile:

Even if you need 1 ADA per nft it’s np.

Still if they are all in 1 add it’s 1 transaction.

If you input a sending add in yoroi and send 1 ada you pay the same fee as sending 10.

But anyway I can send you the 5 ADA or w/e and you simply get me the rest back or soemthing. Doesn’t matter.

Send me the add via PM.


Hey, hello again. Ok, thank you for the offer, but please hold on a moment, I just woke up and checked my discord and I received an answer from the official Nami discord. Let me check first how much would I need to move the assets. She said I’d probably need more ADA than I currently have to do the transaction, I just want to have a clear idea to not be a bother to you, and if she accepts I can paste her comments here for transparency and to help others in similar situations.

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Ok, problem solved thanks to the awesome help of the moderator of the Nami wallet discord server. The solution for me was just to import my Yoroi into a fresh Nami wallet installation at no cost. That worked for me because my Yoroi wallet was new too and only had a couple transactions done (1 in for funding, 1 out for minting and another one in for received NFTs), and since Nami wallet only reads the last addr used in Yoroi when importing it (that’s what I understood) then there were no problems and all my assets were reflected in my Nami wallet. Her advice now was to delete the Yoroi wallet (and create a new one if needed) and just use the imported one on Nami wallet so theres no problems in the future due to using both wallets at the same time.

PS: I also wanted to fund my wallets (both Yoroi and Nami) using TrustWallet but realised that it is not possible. I had some ADA left in TW from a previous transfer from Binance but since TW doesn’t support the Cardano network then I can’t send them directly to a Cardano wallet, I would have to send it back frist to Binance and then to the Cardano wallet :S hopefully they add support soon. Thank you @jpsrrv for your help and your willingness to help me with the fees.

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