Nfts in Yoroi

Hi. Very new. Doing my best to read all FAQs and topics on here and spent 3 days trying to figure out on my own but I would really appreciate some advice for dummies if anyone can. I downloaded Yoroi wallet because I wanted to buy an nft for my nephew with Ada. I managed to get some Bitcoin from my cash app to Yoroi and make the purchase. It was delivered and I see it as an asset I can send from Yoroi but I can’t see it and also when I go on the nft site it says that the artwork isn’t owned when I put the number in. So I downloaded another app, metamask and was wondering if I should send the nft from my Yoroi to metamask? Could I then see it and take the necessary steps for it to be considered “owned”? I still haven’t figured out how I would go about sending the asset from Yoroi to metamask but I’m sure I could with maybe a combo of having one up on a desktop and then hovering my phone over the screen to get the QR code. But do I need to do this? Shouldn’t the nft work the same way in my Yoroi wallet as it would in metamask? Would I have the same problem with metamask if I sent the nft that I would just have a bunch of addresses and codes that I couldn’t actually see the nft or validate my ownership? Is there anywhere I should be getting support for this as the Yoroi and metamask videos and FAQs don’t make any mention of nfts and the nft seller site doesn’t have any info either past how to purchase and that it will be “delivered to your wallet”. Thank you so much for any advice or answers or recommendations to where to go for this.

You cannot send bitcoin to yoroi. Do you see any transaction history in your yoroi?