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Sorry but the specific question, but i’ve used ADA for many years now and have a new issue that has me baffled. I have used Yoroi for a long time now, bought/sold a lot of NFTs during September/October mostly. I’ve always just logged into the Yoroi app on my phone, clicked on my account and seen all my activity. I also have some NFTs listed on CNFT and have had them listed for months now. I haven’t done much in that space the past month or so but I logged on last week after I received an email that one of the NFTs sold on CNFT, so I needed to go send the NFT. When I logged on, it only shows a balance of about 2 ADA and the last transaction being 11/9/2021. I have had tx since then where I have logged on and sent NFTs that have sold and then received the ADA, but they aren’t showing up. The only thing that I remember doing is creating a ccvault.io account because I needed to be able to send multiple NFTs in one tx back around that Nov time. When I log on to ccvault.io, I can see my account with my NFTs and ADA balance, but when i try to send anything from there it tells me my spending password is incorrect. I only know of 1 wallet i have created, and which i have the seed phrase for, but when i reinstall it shows the acct w 2 ADA and 0 NFTs… when I search the address on cardanoscan it shows the correct balance/NFTs under controlled stake keys… again, sorry for the long message but i’m really hoping someone can help me, as 3 NFTs have sold the past couple of days but I haven’t been able to send them to the buyer because I can’t access my account! Public address for the correct wallet is: addr1q8dmc3rk62v9vyrh59snsmshm8qfslzn5rxk3a7hv9l7jx05ldls9wduncvavxytgzee3cjwxfsh7tgu38n7w0qelakq258wq0

Address for the acct that my Yoroi currently shows is addr1qxcnedqe7nt3u7q77esd37cqhrav6uartny3kgetnk79007uf8lt42jxw2wpj5f40gkyamc6h4v64eslfu8l697p8xzqkjwp09

any advice is appreciated!

You definitely have two different wallets with two different seed phrases, there.

Since you have imported the right one into ccvault, you must have known the seed phrase at some point. (Or did you create it with ccvault?)

Either find that seed phrase or try to guess the spending password for ccvault. (Spending passwords can be different everywhere, they are local to that specific import in that specific wallet app, so, you have set it, when importing the right wallet into ccvault.)

EDIT: It might help your memory that the “wrong” wallet – the one you have the seed phrase for – has only been active for one day on 2021-11-09. And you started on that day by sending some NFTs from the “right” wallet to the “wrong” wallet:

First POTION499, then TIGER8453, then TIGER7598. Then you sent all three of them to someone else and got MUTANT346 back, which you forwarded to the “right” wallet.

So, the seed phrase for the wrong wallet is only a couple of months old, while the right seed phrase for the right wallet has to be a year old and probably be somewhere else.

wow thanks so much for the quick response. Those were my thoughts as well, and I know I had created the ccwallet to do exactly that, transfer multiple NFTs at once for a tx, so that makes sense, i’m guessing I just mislabeled my seed phrases in my safe keeping folder… I know i have the seed phrase for the other wallet just not sure how I got all those mixed up. THanks again I really appreciate it.

Hope you find the other one! Don’t disconnect it from ccvault until then. Maybe it’s possible to guess the spending password instead if the seed phrase doen’t show up. Then you could send everything to the one, where you are sure to have the seed phrase.

Just for completeness: You wouldn’t have needed to create a new wallet for that. You could have just imported your main wallet into ccvault with your seed phrase and done the transaction directly from there.

Welp I’ll look for it when I get home but I did find in my PW app (I know not great to keep a copy there but anyways) and I see an entry for that seed phrase from May 2021… so months before that ccwallet was created…

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Given that you have used Ada for a long time, I would guess you have quite a few. I sur hope you have a hardware wallet. Some people have lost Ada using yoroi and they have no idea why.