CNFT wallet verification HELP!

Hello All,

 I just created my first crypto wallet so I can purchase CNFTs.

I successfully transferred my ADA to Yoroi wallet from CDC. Then CNFT IO asks me to verify my wallet by sending a specific amount to their address, I got carried away and sent the amount I wanted to deposit. I sent a support ticket but from what I hear it is a feeble effort. Can I expect to receive my ADA back or is it gone forever?

Thank You

Yes, u will receive the funds back but be carefull with telegram… a lot of scamers there

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I hope so too, they seem credible just impossible to get in touch with. I guess time will tell.

You can send them a message on twitter

I don’t have twitter but I messaged them on Insta and I got an automated reply directing me to write a support ticket. I will make a twitter though and see what happens.

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scammer alert ! reported

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