ADA from Yoroi wallet to CNFT

I was trying to transact some ADA from Yoroi wallet to CNFT to activate my wallet over there but the transaction status has stuck on “submitted” for an hour(before the transaction has failed several time as well) and now the amount of ADA that is shown on mobile app and desktop version are different, regardless the amount that I sent to CNFT, would be great if anyone could help me to solve this issue ! Thanks

A lot of people seem to have issues with Yoroi, today. Something with updates or maintenance. :woman_shrugging:

If you know one of your addresses, you can always check on that the “Controlled Total Stake” still matches the wallet balance that you expect. If you click around there a bit, you can maybe see if the transaction to CNFT went through, nevertheless.

You can wait for Yoroi’s issues to settle and try “Resync Wallet” (under “Settings” – “Wallet”) from time to time.

You can also connect your hardware wallet or input your seed phrase at one of the other wallet apps –,, Daedalus, … – and see if it works there (or you even like them more for the long term).