Yoroi problem

Can someeone help me. I bought cnft and paid 44 adas but the payment was alltogether 153,67 ada. I got nft i had paid for but hasnt got that extra adas back. At least my yoroi wallet saldo wasn’t added that 109,05 ada that in some reason was also gone from my yoroi. I can see that blockchain explorer shows that 109 ada has sent to my address but those adas arent added still in my total value. It should be 2000 adas and not after purchase its only 1854. How can this problem be solved?

Try going to cardanoscan.io enter your address and see how much ADA is bound to your stake key. Maybe some temporary issue with Yoroi.

Hi! This was 4 days ago. I tried to do what you suggested but didn`t find where to watch that bound stake key ADA. Should I put that address that I was supposed to receive that ADA. I mean the address that is found in yoroi and claims that I have received that 109 ADA.

Yes, you can enter that address. It will display balance for that address but below that section, it’ll display Controlled Stake Key with Controlled Total Stake which is the total ADA you have.

You can also import your wallet into Daedalus and verify there. Daedalus is a full node wallet. It gets the data from the blockchain directly. The installation will require several GB of disc space and node synchronization will take few hours.

Ok…It shows that balance is for that address 109 ADA, but controlled total stake is only 1887 and there is missing some ADA, cause I had 2000 ADA before my purchase.

I bought CNFT for 44 ADA and sent it to correct address. But then sudently -153.843550 ADA from my base-external address was taken. It shows that it went to two different addresses. One of them was the address I sent 44 ADA (address book) and the other was (now missing) +109.075098 ADA (base-internal). It seems that sum is now missing from my total ADA value. Any ideas what can I do to get these ADAs.

here is the picture