Yoroi wallet showing 0 balance and in Cardanoscan.io but shows "Controlled Total Stake"? HELP

I was trying to restore my wallet using the chrome extension Yoroi. Then all of a sudden I wasn’t able to see anything. Loading will timeout. So I reconnect to my mobile Yoroi wallet and I see that my balance is 0. So I go to Cardanoscan.io and see that my balance is 0 as well. But “controlled stake key” shows the correct balance I originally had.

Help please? On my chrome Yoroi extension nothing still loads even after trying to “Syncrhonize with Blockchain”

On Cardanoscan, “Balance” is just the balance of the concrete address you are currently looking at. That often is already zero again, because newer transactions have moved things to another address of your wallet.

“Controlled Total Stake” shows the balance of the whole wallet, all addresses in it.

So, if that is correct, all your funds are there, you have not been scammed and they have not been stolen.


If the amount from total controlled stake is right then u should not worry… I know there are some issues with yoroi…
If u need to perform transactions… restore the wallet on adalite.io; if not, have patience


Then is this just a Yoroi bug? or just the cardano blockchain being slow today?

A lot of people have problems with Yoroi, today. The blockchain itself is swift as ever.