Yoroi Wallet Balance Zero

Not really sure where to put this. I checked my yoroi wallet today and it was down to a complete 0. It was in a staking pull called PLUSH. There has been no transactions from my wallet which is secured through Trezor. Only transactions were to the staking pool. Anyone got any idea what’s going on?

Its probably a display error. Check your funds via Cardanoscan.io or connect your trezor on adalite.io

My Adalite shows 0 but I can see that the right amount from my controlled stake key. I’m not sure whats going on.

The problem is that I can see my balance via my staking key but I can withdraw it or access any of it.

@Zyroxa provided u all informations… perhaps u have issues with yoroi sync… u need to wait or (if u want to spend your funds) restore the wallet on adalite.io

How do I restore my wallet on adalite.io? I linked my trezor but its showing 0

Yes, connect the trezor on adalite.io do… oh, do u see the balance 0? And if u go to transactions section… do u see any informations there?

Question: on yoroi near wallet name do u see “trezor wallet” or “standard wallet”?

I see Trezor Wallet.

I see balance 0 but I can see all of my transactions that I made when I staked to PLUSH and ally my funds are still in that staking key. It’s just sitting there with no way to access it.

I can see all the transactions I made with ADA to the staking key. Everything was accessible a few weeks ago. I’m not sure what happened. I cleared my cookies but that’s the only thing I can think of. I usually dont have to sign in from this computer but I had to today and saw nothing in there.

Can u share one address from yoroi and another one from adalite.io?



Not sure how to see my addresses from ADAlite. Do I want an input or output address?

Go to receive section, anyway also on cardanoscan.io I see 0 balance … how did u delegated? Did u sent ADA out of the wallet?



This is your right balance?

This wallet has gone missing from my Yoroi Wallet. It shows as my last received transaction

Dont know where this wallet disappeared to

Yes, That’s the right balance and I have all the receipts to prove it. i just cant access it

Yes, because 4 months ago u moved ADA from this wallet

To this wallet

You must think what u did 4 months ago, perhaps a new wallet with a different passphrase? Or a simple/standard wallet?

Or perhaps u have more trezor devices?