ADA disappearing in my Yoroi Wallet, Transactions in submitted state for over 24 hrs - HELP Please

I tried changing my stake to a new stake pool for Sundae Swap ISO and the transactions are submitted appearing stuck. Then is restaked to an unknown pool and my ADA balance has shrunk by 1500 ADA. I am trying to stop it by moving my ADA but there are server errors. What is happening please help.



There are several topics already opened about this subject … it looks like yoroi has some issues these days… have patience; if the balance on is ok then u should not worry, the funds are ok

But if u want to perform transactions u can restore the wallet on


Thank you Alexd! I do see my correct wallet balance on Apologies, I am a bit new with the Yoroi wallet - it has been very slow and showing incorrect information for me today. I will work through it.

Then is fine, remember that ADA are stored on blockchain and as long u have the seed words u will can access the ADA with any official wallet

If u have the correct seed u can try to restore the wallet on yoroi, should fix the issue… or first to delete the wallet try on mobile, I tested my mobile wallets and are fine, I was able to perform transactions

Per your recommendation, I created and restored the Yoroi wallet on using the phone app. It shows the amount correctly. I will deleted and restore the Yoroi wallet extension in Chrome next. Thanks for your help Alexd, I really appreciate it! All the best!

Glad it’s working, :beers: