Can’t send NFTs from Ledger after transferring them from Yoroi to Nami

Hi All,
may I please ask you for your support.
3 months ago I opened up a Nami wallet (HW Ledger) and transferred a few NFTs from my Yoroi HW wallet (same ledger) on it.
The NFTs are not shown in Nami but are still shown in Yoroi but I can’t transfer them anymore to any wallet. When I connect my Nami wallet to the NFTs are shown in my profile but I cannot sell them. And they are also shown on connecting the Nami wallet.
Thank you in advance for your help!

If you use the same Ledger, those are not two different wallets, but it is one and the same wallet.

But Nami is a single-address wallet app. It can only see and use the first address of a wallet, while Yoroi can and will use lots of addresses of the same wallet.

That it is one and the same wallet explains why they are shown in Yoroi. They are probably not shown in Nami, because you have done further transactions in Yoroi that have moved them away from the first address that Nami can see and use.

Those DApps probably do not ask Nami what is in the wallet (Nami would not report those NFTs, since it cannot see and use them), but they are using third-party APIs to ask the blockchain directly. Those will also report assets on other addresses that Nami itself cannot see.

Using Nami and Yoroi in parallel on the same wallet will always get you these problems. What you can do:

  1. Stop using Nami.
  2. Move all funds and assets to the first address and then stop using Yoroi with this wallet and let only Nami handle it.
  3. Move all funds and assets to the first address and use Eternl or Typhon instead of Yoroi and set them to single-address mode (before doing any transaction with them), so that they play along with Nami.

Thank you all very much!
I just deleted the Ledger wallet on Nami and tried to transfer the assets back to the first adress on yoroi but it still doesn’t let me transfer them (I get an error message).

Try to connect your Ledger via Typhon or Eternl instead of Yoroi and try it again.

Thank you - when using Typhon should I import the Yoroi wallet or create a new one with the ledger?

neither. If i read correctly, you are using Yoroi together with a Ledger device, which means they keys are stored on your Ledger device. So you can simply connect your Ledger device with Typhon and then you should be able to see all your assets and funds.

→ unlock with Ledger

great, thank you!

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