All Nami wallet assets no longer showing

Downloaded my Dropz as I usually do from successfully (payment received, tokens sent to my Daedelus wallet). Then when open Nami from Chrome browser again immediately it shows “no assets”. Transaction history only shows 5 ADA payment for Dropz. No other TX#. Where gone? History still shows OK. No tokens, no NFT.
Address addr1qygr5n9c0ls2z9u2nhg7q08q3yt78rrf4rkllkqk0zqxn9ccxr40kdcle0nt7z7k9ktggkp6m7rwqgg84l3zvu7s5gesrv8xul - Cardanoscan

Nami seems to have severe synchronisation/display problems in the last couple of days.

Maybe try another wallet app:

Yep, I imported into Eternl wallet and all good. Hope they can fix Nami. Thanks for help.

Me too I’m facing the same problem. and unable to transfer money out


I think that the developer of Nami thinks it’s fixed and should become usable at least after deleting the wallet and reimporting it from seed phrase.

Alternatively, you can always import your wallet in another wallet app –,,,, …