Nami shows balance but no assets

Sorry in advance if I put this in the wrong category.
So, I transferred ADA to Nami and now it shows the correct balance but I am unable to send it to another wallet because it says I have no assets to send. Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated.

But what are u trying to send, ADA or another asset?

The ADA I initially sent to Nami

Ok, but do u see the right balance on nami wallet? If yes u must go to send → add the amount of ADA u will want to send and submit the transaction

PS: are u reffering to that sad face which is saying no asssets?


Yeah but even after typing amount to send and inputting receive address, the send button is non functional.

probably the address is not ok or the amount inserted?

Well dumb question. In Yoroi, if you generate a new receive address is the previous unused address still valid? I’m going to try sending to Yoroi instead of Daedalus.

Yes, u can use same old address as many time u want

But if u have issues on nami, try to restore the wallet (nami) on yoroi and perform transactions from yoroi

So I can restore nami wallet in yoroi? Using the nami seed I assume?

Guess I should also ask if that works with any ADA wallet? Having issues with Daedalus syncing with blockchain.

Yes, u can use daedalus seed words to restore it on yoroi (add wallet → restore → 24 words) … also nami should work

PS: what OS has the desktop/laptop and how much RAM it has (asking for daedalus issue)?

Windows 10 and 16gb

Ok, u have enough RAM, it should work daedalus, did u upgraded to the latest version?
anyway… try to restore the wallets on yoroi

Ok thanks.
Little off topic but do you happen to know if Trezor made ADA a native currency in their wallet yet? Not requiring a third-party like adalite?

Not yet but u will need to install the cardano app on trezor then pair the trezor with daedalus,yoroi,, nami, etc to access the cardano wallet from trezor

Ok, thank you

But one more advice if u will use trezor with passphrase… bkp the passphrase and first time send only 5 ADA to trezor then try to connect the trezor on yoroi or adalite and try to send back 2-3 ADA (perform a transaction with trezor). If everything will work fine then u can send all ADA to trezor.


PS: and don’t forget to delegate your wallets for rewards (~5%/year)