Nami wallet - all assets gone

Hi there,

Minted some SHEN this morning and received them in my NAMI wallet. No I checked my wallet again everything was gone. Als the rest of my ADA that was in that wallet. It seems that it went from 1 stake adress to another?

Can someone check this trasnction hash and help me to understand this?


Tx in advance

The transaction has sent the 20k SHEN to another account, but the 1.6k ADA are still in your account, just on another address (and Nami cannot see this other address, since it is a single-address wallet app). From the layout of the outputs, it probably was Eternl with “Advanced UTxO Management” turned on (since it has produced one larger and two smaller UTxOs and one 5 ADA UTxO to be used as collateral).

Do you have the same account that you use in Nami also imported in Eternl?

From that other account 200 of the 20k SHEN were offered on MinSwap ten minutes later: Does that sound like something you have done?

Hey HeptaSean,

Tx for your quick reply.

  1. I have multiple wallets, but the Nami wallet is not imported in Eternl.

  2. After I minted SHEN I actually went to MinSwap. Might be the case that I accidently offered 200 SHEN as I was just checking SHEN price on MINswap. Although that would be rather strange.

You have any suggestions how I can solve this and let the assets reappear in any wallet?

Much appreciated!


Hmm, still not sure what happened there.

A few minutes after the SHEN were sent to that other account, also almost all of the ADA (1700) were sent to the same:

And then, another couple of minutes later, the remaining 19800 SHEN were sent to WingRiders:

Maybe, someone got access to your seed phrase?

But on the other hand, that other account which received (almost) all your assets does not really look like a scammer account:
Only sporadically used, one month ago for trading some MELD and MIN, four months ago for trading some AGIX, but not in between.

Hmmm, feels like I lost everything.

Don’t think my seed phrase was accessible to anyone…it’s safe in a vault.

So not much I can do I suppose…


Tx anyway


I Find the Nami wallet frustrating to use because it does not see to give you your total holding, only what you have in a single wallet address. Either the Yoroi or Daedalus of the wallet should give you the full picture.

Thats not accurate.

If you are using Nami, and only Nami with that wallet, it does work fine. But if you are mixing up and using Nami + anything else which uses multiple addresses, it will happen that you dont see the full balance.

Anyway there are other (imo better) alternatives then Daedalus or Yoroi, like Typhon or Eternl.