Nami Wallet Emptied of NFTs + ADA

Hi everyone,

3 days ago someone hacked my nami wallet (on chrome) and emptied it of ADA. Next to that, they also sold my claynation nft’s. Received the profits on my wallet. Then transferred it out. I lost around 2500 ADA in total :frowning:

My wallet: or what is left of it $raxe :frowning:

I don’t know how they did it… I didn’t install the Nami iOS app that was fake. And I didnt store my password on my PC. Scary stuff, as I don’t know how they did it.

Anyone has any clue what I can do against this?


Theres nothing you can do when the funds has been transfered out of your wallet. To improve your safety i definitly recommand using a hardware wallet like a Ledger.


Sorry this has happened to you, I feel for you for sure. As mentioned above a hardware wallet will do the trick but of course this is in hindsight and does nothing to help what has happened to you. I would be more then happy once you get a new wallet with a ledger or trezor associated with it to send you a nft and some ada to seed that. I am Blockjock2017 on twitter so hit me up