Few days ago(5days) i was robbed for all my ADA

Hello this Friday i was robbed. I’ve been checking the forum and it seems to match to other people’s timing too. It was five days ago. They key logged me and stole all my ADA (2.3K) I’ve made my report to IOHK and made some posts on Twitter regarding this with the transactions and the proofs of the robber, the stake received a lot of ADA from various places and seems it was a timed attack.

I’m making this topic to see who else has been robbed in this lapsus?
Just for the record

I was using Yoroi Addon extension and the ONLY time I typed my seed and spending password was on my computer which my friends and i believe is compromised with a keylogger.

I’ve been offered some help by my pool delegator if i get people to delegate to the pool he can give me a % according to the delegated so… that’s something anyone willing to help me please let me know, the pool is called HYGGE. Just please tell me when you guys do so i can recover my loses…

As for the robbing. I’m gonna steer away from Yoroi and go to Daedalus, and invest on a cold wallet.

Why do you believe it was a keylogger? Did you run a scan and find something? It could also be a bruteforce attack on the wallet if the spending password was weak.

I’m so sorry to hear that. And yes, it’s better to be safe rather than sorry. Investing in hardware wallet such as Ledger Nano or Trezor would really help you in the long term. Wish you a great day then :pray:t2: :coffee: