NFT not showing in Nami wallet

Hello everyone.

I’m having an issue with an CNFT I purchased on cnft(dot)io.

As per the process of buying CNFTs on the secondary market at cnft(dot)io, I sent my payment to the seller from my Nami wallet, and a few hours later the seller sent me the token. And yes, the asset had the yellow verification check mark on the cnft(dot)io website.

I can see the token was received when I check my wallet transaction history, and when I click on the transaction I can clearly see that the token received is for the correct asset with the correct policy ID.

However, I can’t see the CNFT in the assets area of my Nami wallet. That also means that I can’t see the asset in cnft(dot)io, which in turn means that I can’t sell it if I want to (not that I want to sell it right now, but if I ever do I’m gonna have to fix this problem).

Has anybody ever faced this issue?


Is it displayed here?

I am having a similar issue. The NFT shows properly in as well as but is not displaying in Nami. I am trying to consolidate my assets into one wallet but can’t figure out how to send the assets from Nami if they’re not recognized by the wallet. Any suggestions?

I have same issues. I complete the transaction.

Why its not showing in my nami wallet. Its appear like this. See here