Nami wallet transaction problem

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Okay, then replace that in my post. It still means that if they gave you that address as a deposit address, they have the keys for it and those are probably necessary to free your assets.

The problem is not exactly transaction related,but with custom node.When I try to change the settings they are not saved.

Please help me , I have same problem and im devastated , i send the ada to the address we where given, my transaction was done, asked for password , I did send the password for the final confirmation.
But trans not appear in trans history. Im looking all over my wallet history and Cardanoscan …but I cant find it anywhere …I even have couple of friends as the witness when I did it …I cant find any contact customer service info to Nami wallet
please help me , this is so important to me

If the transaction is not in the history, are the ADA (and perhaps other tokens) still in your wallet? Then, it is just that the transaction did not go through. That happens sometimes and you can just try again.

If the assets are gone, but there is no transaction in the history that explains it, that would be strange. Haven’t seen that with Nami up to now.

There isn’t really one. It’s a very small team. They sometimes react on their Twitter account or on github issues, but often are simply overwhelmed.

Hi there
I tried to send some cardano from my binance to my nami wallet after the transaction I noticed some delay so I tried to check the wallet address and I noticed am getting to different address on my account When I click the address I get a different address
When I click on the copy button I also get a different wallet
Can you please help

A lot of possibilities:

  • Worst case: There was some kind of attack that made you send from Binance to a wrong address. If your computer is compromised, there are some possibilities – replacing the address, when pasting to Binance, replacing it when copying from Nami, …
  • Medium case: You still had another address in the copy-and-paste buffer, perhaps a friend, perhaps some project you have done transactions with. You could try to find and contact them and maybe they will just forward to you.
  • Best case: You have more than one account in Nami and copied from another one. Then, the transaction should have been received in this other account.

You can look at the address(es) in to see their transaction history and maybe get a hint of what it was.

I have only one account on nami
When I click on the qr code I get a different address
When I click on the copy button I get a different one
And I track the transaction the money is still on the second wallet anytime I click the qr code I still get that address and I get different one when I click the copy button how can I reverse the transaction and get my fund back

What do you speak about? There is no copy button in Nami. If you click on the address, exactly that address is copied. If you click on the QR code, nothing is copied.

Transactions cannot be reversed. You can try to get it back through Binance’s support, but if they sent the ADA to the address you have given them, I am not sure, how willing they will be to take the loss and refund you.