Transaction failed, no funds


I transferred ADA to my Yoroi wallet last night, the transaction shows as complete on the sent end but in my wallet zero balance and transaction listed as failed.

Is this part of the current bug or should I be concerned?

Transaction ID:

Thank you.

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Hi there @Malicia1384 ,

Try to check your Transaction ID using Cardano Explorer

Is this your receiving address? addr1q8c528g4jr6dfgkdmgagegk3kkudsayzmqk50d476ptklkzqyy4eqmrfansvvlq2289zvdw0qsqpvc0hsuwyu0lj756qht2xge

I see that the transaction is successfull. You use Yoroi wallet? I think there is a bug with the display in Yoroi wallet.

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I think it was an issue with yoroi last night…

Now u should see ur balance (try to refresh the yoroi)

Happy delegation!

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