Need information about nami wallet and ledger

Hello everybody,
I recently bought a ledger then I created a nami account I connected my nano s plus ledger and then I created a ledger account I selected the default account then validated with my ledger I invested a lot of money, especially nft, so my question is: if i lose my account should i use the 24 word recovery ledger or nami? I’m freaking out a bit because I’ve heard people who had lost everything when they reconnected because they had put their nft on a secondary account!
If someone can answer me clearly to reassure me that would be really nice!

If u want to secure the assets with ledger then

  • set the ledger properly and bkp the 24 seed words (with these words u will restore ONLY the ledger device; for example if it will crash or if u will change the device…)
  • connect ledger to any wallet (don’t create new wallets, use restore/connect ledger option)
  • first u can connect the ledger on → hw wallet → unlock with ledger and send 5-10 ADA for test… then connect the ledger to NAMI wallet (again don’t create new wallet just connect the ledger)
    If u see on NAMI 5-10 ADA sent earlier it means u restored with success ledger on NAMI and it should be safe to send all amount to ledger address



??? If they just had them in an additional account, they can just restore in any wallet app that supports multiple accounts and reopen those secondary accounts. You can’t lose them because of that.

Nami is a bit special, since you have to create a seed phrase wallet, before it even lets you connect a Ledger. And then it presents the Ledger similarly to subaccounts of your seed phrase wallet.

If you want to use the Ledger, be sure to select the account that says “HW” next to it:

You now have two seed phrases, one given to you by Nami and one given to you by the Ledger. Keep both safe! Never input the one of the Ledger into a computer! It is only for setting up a new Ledger if yours is broken.

You can always open/restore/import both of these wallets in any wallet app, the one created by Nami by giving the seed phrase, the one created by the Ledger by just connecting the Ledger. You can try it now with Eternl, Typhon, Flint, … just to be sure that it really works. (If you want to use another wallet app in parallel to Nami: Nami uses single address mode, so that should also be activated in the other wallet app. If it isn’t or doesn’t have a single address mode, the other wallet app will move away things from where Nami can see them.)

Also: Right now, dApps like SundaeSwap, MuesliSwap, MinSwap, … cannot work with a Ledger. You have to use the Nami-created wallet for them, until they update the Ledger app.

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thank you very much for your answer! so if i want to restore a ledger account. I don’t have to create a new account just log in and I can do it in parallel with nami with eternl without it disconnecting me from nami is that it?


All other wallet apps can open/restore/import/create lots of wallets in parallel – some with seed phrases, some connected to hardware wallets. You only create a new one if you really want to have a new one. Otherwise you choose restore/import/connect/pair and can open another one of your existing wallets.

Nami is a bit special in that it can only manage one seed phrase wallet. You can choose between creating a new one or restoring an existing one after installation. Only after that you can connect hardware wallets to it.

And: Opening a wallet in another app won’t ever disconnect it from the first app. You can have all your wallets imported to all the existing wallet apps on multiple devices.