Can't restore subaccount in Nami wallet

I removed the Nami extension from my browser and after restoring it with the seed phrase, I can’t see my sub accounts. Sorry if this is a stupid question, but my other sub account is the one connected to Ledger and I can’t manage to restore it. Is there a way to do it? Thanks

You cant have a sub account connected to ledger.
If you’re connecting a wallet to ledger, it is a seperate wallet than the one you use using mnemonics.

You can find a nice summary of HD Wallet inheritance here , look under BIP-44. Note that Nami only looks at first address index, not entire wallet

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Okay, but then if all accounts in Nami use the same seed phrase… why can’t I see all of them when I restore?

It cannot know that you had connected a hardware wallet. This is not encoded in your seed phrase. How should it be?

Choose “Connect Hardware Wallet” from the main menu and reconnect your Ledger:

And, yes, Nami presents Ledger connections as if they were accounts in your main wallet, but they aren’t. It’s just their decision how to dangle hardware wallets into their app as an afterthought.


Thank you!! That helped!