Multi-address wallets and Shen


I’m interested in minting SHEN but If I understand correctly the FAQ, I will not be able to read that the balance unless I have the funds on the wallet 0’/0/0.

  1. First question, how do I create a wallet with such address in Eternl or Yoroi ?
  2. Second question, what single asset wallet do you know of ?


address wallet 0’/0/0 should be the first wallet address created (use single mode option)
Use eternl or nami (I’m using eternl) and activate (from wallet settings) single address mode option.

Yoroi doesn’t have single address mode option but TBH I don’t know why it is a must to be the 1st address

after that try first a small amount for test


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It’s multi-address wallet, not multi-asset wallet.

Traditionally, in Daedalus and Yoroi, Cardano wallets were trying to use new addresses for every transaction, so that every address is used only once, appears in only two transactions – one where it received some funds and one where those funds were spent again.

Newer wallet apps – Nami, Lace (at least the testnet version that we can see right now), … – found the management of all these addresses too cumbersome and only use the first address – the one whose derivation path ends in /0/0 – for everything over and over again.

The more versatile wallet apps – Eternl, Typhon, … – can use both modes at the user’s choice.

What you first do to use that single-address mode in Eternl is set your account to single-address mode in the settings – and maybe also enable “Send All” for the next step:

Before that, Eternl showed lots of addresses under “Receive”:

After turning on single-address mode, there is only one, the first one with the /0/0 derivation path:

But if you have used the account for a while in multi-address mode, your funds are still scattered among all those addresses. Just doing a setting doesn’t change that. It only instructs Eternl to use this address for everything in the future, but it cannot and doesn’t want to move your funds without you explicitly authorising a transaction.

So, if you do not have too many things in there, the easiest way is to send everything to this one single receive address.

Go to “Send”, paste your own single receive address, make sure it is the right one, “Next”, “Send All”, “Confirm”, “Next”, “Sign”, “Submit”.

By the way: The Djed dApp cannot know, which derivation path – the /0'/0/0 they mention – the single address it gets from the connector to Eternl has. They can only see that they only get a single address (and obviously they cannot handle if they get more than one address). It just happens that Eternl and Nami really use /0/0 as that single address.

And they surely can’t know which account you choose for the dApp connector. That is the first /0' in that path. You can also use your second account /1' or any other there. They technically cannot know, which of your accounts is currently connected.

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And thank you for your very clear explanation. :100: :pray:

Thank you, that might help me.