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Hi, firstly; I’ve searched the forum looking for an answer to the specific question I have - apologies if this has been addressed before (I can’t find the question I’m asking). Question relates to the multiple addresses under the RECEIVE tab in the Daedalus wallet. The note on the page states “always use a new address when requesting funds.” How do I know which of the displayed addresses has been used, and which are ‘new’ addresses. the address at the top of the list isn’t as promenant as the rest. They are all white, except the one at the top of the list - it’s faint, darker. Why does that address look different. Thanks

At the top right of the “Recieve addresses” list there is a “Show used” toggle to toggle the used addresses between visible and hidden.

However, this:

The note on the page states “always use a new address when requesting funds.”

seems like old information (ie Byron). In Shelley, a standard address consists of two components, the payment address and the staking address. The “generate new address” feature only generates a new payment address, the staking address will be the same for all addresses in the same wallet. That makes the advice you quote completely ineffective from a privacy POV.

Thanks for responding. So with ‘SHOW USED’ on, I can clearly see which addresses have been used, and all of the other address are therefore unused, and I can safely use any of them to receive ADA from an exchange. Is that correct?

Yes. (with some more characters to make sure meet the 10 char minimum).

Go it, thanks

I have unfortunately used the same address again. Will that be a problem? Will I lose my money? Yesterday from Voyager to Shelly Wallet, I used the first address, used in the month of March. It has been 12 hours, and the status on Voyager end showing pending and nothing shows up in the Shelly Wallet end.
Please help.

Will there be a problem I use the same address twice? It has been 12 hours since last night and status is showing pending on my Voyager end and nothing on Shelly Wallet.
Please help.

Using the same address more than once is an incredibly common thing.

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