Daedalus Receive address issue/s

Hello Community!

  1. I used to be able to type my spending password in the Receive Address Section and create a new address. Is this feature no longer available?
  2. I have noticed that the receive addresses available now in the Shelly wallet start with add vs ddz from the old ones, and when I copy and paste them onto exchanges as my ADA receive address, the exchange shows as “invalid address.” This never happened with my Byron wallet. As a result I’m not able to exchange crypto for ADA at the moment.

thank you in advance for any help!!

Daedalus always creates a bunch of receive adresses automatically. If the exchange does not accept the new address format they might not have upgraded to shelley yet. What exchange are you using?


Update: I was able to withdraw to my old Byron wallet and transfer to Shelley. Glad I captured a couple of unused Byron Ddz… addys before Daedalus hid the Byron Receive tab!

9/18 I have some ADA stuck on an exchange unable to withdraw to the new Shelley wallet and am wondering whether the old addresses are supported on the network anymore.