Possible Daedalus 2.1 wallet address issue?

hello guys
has anyone been having trouble transferring their ada from crypto.com to the Daedalus wallet since the shelly upgrade? when trying to transfer my ada using one of the new addresses from the wallet the transfer says its an invalid address.had zero issues before transferring my ada the old wallet before. Cardano said to ask crypto.com. Crypto.com said just to keep trying.hope its just a issue on their end where the kinks still need to be fixed? another question I am including the three periods that are in the Daedalus wallet addresses. Is that correct? thanks

No! I’m currently starting up Daedalus to see what you mean but that could take a little while… :grin:

Anyway, I’m pretty sure periods have no place in any ADA addresses. This could easily explain the prob you’re seeing.

Edit: ok, decided to take a quick look at Yoroi while Daedalus is doing its thing, and I’m seeing three dots right in the middle of the receive addresses. But this is an ellipsis, standing in for missing characters, and I’d bet my stash it’s the same in Daedalus. What you have to do is click on the symbol at the right hand end of the line to copy the complete address to your clipboard. :grinning:

Edit 2: just for giggles I checked out that Yoroi address, this is what the ellipsis represents: 9wtvrs5hjcenqp76r4w28yjezw3w9k8rcnfw7zla4pa :sweat_smile:

thanks for the info. my problem is that