Fail to update "my wallet adress"


Hi. After sending ADA from my Daedelus wallet to Yoroi the Dadeleus wallet generated a new address for the ADA that was left but failed to update “my wallet address” that had the old address. The same thing happens when I generate a new address manually in Daedelus twice. My ADA is still there as it is always in the latest generated address, but my wallet address is empty since it is not where the ADA is currently transferred. So total during 3 new generated address “my wallet address” shows the old address. While a minor bug since my understanding is a wallet consist of all created adresses and my ADA is very safe I still feel I should mention it here. I do not want to disclose my addresses or logs for anonymity reasons currently. (Do not want to be a potential target of criminals.) Also when I look in cardano explorer on the transactions they are all correct so I believe there is nothing wrong with the transactions and more a problem with updating “my wallet address” correctly in Deadelus.


Hi Eystein, does your Daedalus wallet show the correct total balance at the top?

And, did Yoroi show the correct balance after the send? I think I recall someone giving a similar description on tech support.



Yes both show correct amount. Only “my wallet address” is wrong.


Ah, I wonder if this is the same thing that drove me crazy about how UTXO works. I had to do some experiments to understand what I was looking at. Like this… the total wallet balance would be 10 Ada but when I look up any 1 address the balance might be 1 or 0 or 6 or 2 or some random number. So is this like what you are seeing?

Daedalus total: 10 Ada

But if I look up any of the addresses in Daedalus I see…

Crazy Address #1 = 3 Ada
Crazy Address #2 = 0 Ada
Crazy Address #3 = 0 Ada
Crazy Address #4 = 1 Ada
Crazy Address #5 = 5 Ada
Crazy Address #6 = 1 Ada

But I still get a balance of 10. Am I understanding this correctly?


One address lets call it #8 the newest has all the ADA left (0.83) while Yoroi wallet has the transferred amount. My wallet address shows address #5. Address #5 has zero ADA as almost all was transferred in Yoroi transfer and the rest to the newly generated #6 address so address #6 had the 0.83 ADA left. Since my wallet address incorrectly used address #5 I tried twice generating new address #7 then #8. ADA correctly transferred from #6 to #7 then #8. Problem is my wallet address still use address #5. And yes wallet balance has been correct at all times. Problem is only using wrong address as my wallet address.


UTxO change addresses aren’t displayed in he list of receiving addresses in Daedalus. “It’s not a bug, it’s a feature!” :smiley:


Ok, I was planning on updating my Daedalus and Yoroi videos and currently working on a Trezor video. But I think I can to run a really cool video showing how perplexing this can be with UTXO.

I have some ideas on how to explain this visually. Can I give you a shout out in the video @Eystein_Hansen?

(now I just need to motivate myself to do it, need more coffee)


I am not sure I follow you. I have all the correct receiving addresses. My problem is that “my wallet address” the one that is at the top that you can copy - is using the wrong address. It is using an old. The list of addresses in the bottom is correct they are all there. And no matter if I generate a new one it keeps using the old address. If that is a correct behavior that seems odd. I think in my other wallet this has not happened. I have for example one wallet where I have done a sending and it still uses the latest address under “my wallet address” unlike in this transfer between Daedelus and Yoroi. But if there is something I am misunderstanding here I am all ears to understanding it better.


First lets make sure we are talking about the same thing. And I think it is a great idea especially now with Trezor and Ledger.


I’m going to play around with Daedalus and see if the sending address changes when it is not expected to.


This part is the part using the old address


My answer isn’t correct, I thought of something else.