Yoroi Wallet (Chrome ext w/ Ledger) Addresses different than Daedalus Addresses?

I am trying to send ADA to my Yoroi Wallet (Chrome ext w/ Ledger) but the addresses generated are a lot shorter than the addresses my Daedalus wallet generates.

My exchange doesn’t recognize the Yoroi wallet addresses and says they are not valid.


Thanks for you help

  1. Make sure you’re using Yoroi mainnet (not testnet) version.
  2. Ensure to copy paste addresses (use copy button where available), selecting it manually can add a whitespace.
  3. Traditional Daedalus and Yoroi addresses were of different styles but were both compatible and accepted by all exchanges. If you’re able to query that address in https://explorer.cardano.org, exchange should allow sending funds to that address.
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Thanks for your reply.

Yes, I am using Mainnet.
Yes, I am using the address copy button.

I have sent ADA from my Daedalus wallet to my Yoroi/ Ledger wallet but when I input the Yoroi address (which is much shorter) into the receive address of my exchange it doesn’t recognize it.

In that case , sounds like exchange you’re using is possibly using faulty address handling. I have never heard of an exchange that limits address types between Daedalus and Yoroi, because cardano (legacy and new) code allows to send to both formats.


Thanks for your help. It must be the exchange.

Looking forward to being a part of the community.


Yoroi in maintenance mode at the moment :vulcan_salute:and Welcome to the community my friend

Here’s a good post from 2018 to answer your question, too.